quinta-feira, 12 de março de 2009


Let me take care of your demons
so that I can reveal my own.

Show me your weakness
so I can mix it into mine.

Give up trying to forget
so that I can bring my memories back.

Embrace your life
so that I can be proud of mine

Cry a million tears with a single song
so that I remember the truth

Lend my tenderness
so that you find sweetness hidden in your sarcasm

Hold my hand and sing our song
so that I can hear myself again

Embrace me as I was eternal
so that I can learn how to die

Kiss me as I was your own body
so that I can lose my boundaries

Read me like there was no yesterday
so that I can learn to be blind facing tomorrows

Turn my sorrow into rain drops
so you can lick them as they're your favourite wine

Just keep loving me
so that I remember that you always did.

7 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

BOA! Muito Boa...

Daniel disse...

keep writing like that so that I can feel myself alive

Luciane disse...

Não sei se algum outro poema até hoje saíu de mim assim tão real e verdadeiro quanto esse.

Daniel disse...

O dom das palavras te persegue. Parabéns, o poema é lindo!

Marilu disse...

Nossa prema :)
Wonderful, terrific!
You are a fantastic writer!
Congratulations, kisses

pensar disse...

Que lindo!!Sera que nao da para musicar?
Se eu soubesse ja ia tentar.

Luciane disse...

Adorei a idéia de musicar.. Bem que eu queria ter esse talento. Obrigada! :)